Facebook And Twitter Notifications on Nokia Lumia 920

Facebook And Twitter Notifications on Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia has been on the hype and lots of people choose to have Nokia mobile handsets. Well, Nokia has been here for more than a decade now and they would never be on the market if they aren’t being considered by many people. Now, Nokia just launched up their newest baby, which is the Nokia Lumia powered by Windows Phone 8.

Actually, since both of Nokia and Microsoft have been uncooperative, when it comes to discussing about the new features of the Windows Phone 8, the readers as well as the fans are then scanning out each frame from the New York’s Nokia Company presentation for some little hints around. Well, this thing has simply paid off. As you may want to know, you could get twitter upon your home screens and on what it  really looks a little more like the trademark of Facebook, which is “f”. Just recently, when the SDK has been leaked out, people already discovered that the home screen mainly has its ability of supporting like up to 5 various notifications upon the lock screen. You could even get the notification icons like Outlook, AP news, Skype, Yahoo and even with the Windows Icon or just the App updates.

Personally, the only feature that you may only want to see for the new versions of Nokia Lumia would always be upon the Amoled Screen as well as the Double Tap just to wake it up. Nokia Lumia has just lots to offer and you may simply want to get what would work for you to best way. So, what are you waiting for? Nokia Lumia in Windows Phone 8 are available on the market now and you can simply get what you have been looking out for. So, get it in the best possible way you can and own it!



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