How Nokia Sustains Their Excellence

How Nokia Sustains Their Excellence

At some point, sustainability isn’t the first priority of most consumers. However, when it comes to Nokia, it is mainly the real thing and sustainability is a very much serious thing for them. Sustainability actually creates and mainly maintains the condition in which the nature and human both exists in a very much productive harmony. Sustainability is very much essential in terms of ensuring that you have and would continue having all of the materials and even resources for protecting the health of both human and environment.

In accordance to the Project about Carbon Disclosure, Nokia is definitely among the top companies when it comes to disclosing climate change as well as performance. Nokia has been one of the companies, which has been praised for improving the accountability of the climate and so, achieving higher and average disclosure scores in every year. Apart from those, Nokia just improved their ratings upon the Sustainability index ranking for Dow Jones in terms of communication as well as technology companies upon the list.



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