MOLOME For Nokia Lumia – Everybody’s Excited!

MOLOME For Nokia Lumia – Everybody’s Excited!

It’s now or never, MOLOME has then announced to be coming into all of the main platforms in the form of its Phoenix codename. They simply released interesting vide that will accompany the whole them that Phoenix has. It simply makes sense, as Symbian, which is the main platform of MOLOME and the MeeGo are now being burnt. This thing would link up into the ashes part of the whole metaphor of Phoenix.

MOLOME will also be on the Windows Phone, so it is mainly possible to have this on Nokia Lumia, together with the other phones. Its first version will then come out eventually this September. For the MeeGo and Symbian, they may not simply get the V3, but it does support the V2. MOLOM simply comes with new things for people to take advantage on. There’s this newest user interface, backend, and newest things to share. So, if you are using the newest Nokia Lumia, then you can surely take advantage of this thing.



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