Why Should You Buy The Nokia Lumia 920

Why Should You Buy The Nokia Lumia 920

Lots of consumers might have been picking up the new phone now. Are you queuing just to get the newest Nokia Lumia 920? At some point, you may just choosing another Lumia, it could be the 820 or a totally different one. Just in the recent Wired Poll, there are about 28,900 people have voted that they would be buying the newest Nokia Lumia 920 against the 9500 for iPhone. Here are the reasons why these people just love using the Nokia Lumia 920:

  • Larger screen- some people just want larger screen and could not just go back into the smaller ones right after having like 4.3 inches on Nokia Lumia 900.
  • Design- the design of this phone is totally different. It is much prettier than the iPhone. It has the streamlined and curved screen like the 800 and N9. It simply makes the things are floating at the top of its display.
  • Sensitive screen- Nokia Lumia 920 has its super sensitive capacitive for the feather light swiping of the finger. The only thing is that, when you have longer nails or simply wearing out gloves, you could always use your Nokia Lumia 920.



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