Nokia thinks HTC is “tactical re-branding” with WP8 devices

Nokia thinks HTC is “tactical re-branding” with WP8 devices

Now, HTC already unveiled their own line of WP8 devices. Most of people doesn’t really know that this one is coming and they announce their two new phones, which are the HTC Windows Phone. Obviously, Microsoft then dictated that Windows Phone has to be into the name of the device, leading down HTC to claim that they are the newest device of the WP8.

You may simply find the use of the world almost into the sentence of a little peculiar, how could they simply claim as the newest device, yet just “almost” being the new face? The HTC simply claim that the device’s design was then inspired by the tiles alone. You may simply love thinking that they only meant as inspired by the Lumia phones displaying only the Live tiles. People aren’t only the one to notice this thing, as Christ Weber who happen to be the head of Nokia in the United States slyly tweeted about this in his Twitter account.

So, think about what you want to consider. Do you want to get HTC over Nokia Lumia? There’s no need for you to hesitate for this thing out, as Nokia Lumia 802 would always stand out.



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