Nokia Lumia 920 – the size of PureView Sensors

Nokia Lumia 920 – the size of PureView Sensors

Nokia 808 PureView sensor is merely the largest one ever taken in a certain mobile phone. It is even larger than those being found at the top end compact point as well as for the shoot cameras. The past king of the sensor was then another Nokia, which is the N8. With the phone, you could simply see how big your sensor is then in comparison to the camera of the generic phone.

This kind of phone simply bring back some of the memories. N93 has its very long and large module of the camera due to its optical zoom and the size of the sensor has been also becoming a little more compact. The long barrel is then horizontally inserted upon the phone, so the width is being used and not merely the thickness of the phone, letting one more of space. There is also the PureView phrase 2, being found on the Nokia 920, focusing upon the floating upon the lens PureView stabilization of the phase 2 optical image.



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