New update for Nokia Lumia 900

New update for Nokia Lumia 900

For the update, Zune is now updating their Stormtrooper into the latest Windows Phone version. As much as you want it to be, you will surely doubt about this WP 7.8 seeing as to how it is then classified as the newest update of the Nokia and not the Update for Windows Phone. It is definitely a small fixes of the big and as to what not. You should then stay tuned for much better details or around 10 minutes left for the update.

This may simply not the tango update that you have received for a couple of months back. There are videos you could consider for this matter. Whenever you find a better update about Nokia Lumia 900 or any other device that runs on Windows Phone, just let us know here. Actually, the My StormTrooper has been done finishing the update. For as much as you love imagining that it is a lot smoother, you could not really feel a big difference. Simply get yourself an update about this thing!



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