Colorful Promotion Of Nokia Lumia In The Hometown

Colorful Promotion Of Nokia Lumia In The Hometown

Recently, some guys wearing colorful dresses were spotted in Helsinki, Finland. They were eye catching while wandering around the whole city and no one could afford to ignore them. But what do these colors represent? Who was the key player behind all this? That was what going among the crowd and soon one of the spectators found the answer. She went visiting one of the Nokia stores and found them there once again. It was then she realized that the colors symbolized the blend of colors offered by the new Nokia Lumia series. It was like a carnival inside and outside the store with the DJ playing some peppy music. The festive occasion offered games for kids inside the store and as expected, the biggest quest among the crowd was the latest release of the company, Nokia Lumia 920. All wanted to get their hands on the new HD+ display. The promoters also granted the wish, but with a condition! The phone was packed inside a glass casing. So, all you could do is just stare and admire the beauty.

Nokia Lumia 920 has already been launched and expected to be available for sale in the last quarter of 2012.



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