Nokia Reading Now With Import And News Features

Nokia Reading Now With Import And News Features

At some point, you just love reading e-books and you just want to do it while lying down or sitting. Well, PC’s could not really do it, and so you just want something really handy. This is where the Nokia Lumia comes into the picture. The reading ability of Nokia Lumia has then received greater update that brings a good set of requested feature. It goes the same with eBooks coming from the skydrive, as much as the e-book is the free of DRM.

Moreover, News Stream is also another newest feature, which has the integrated RSS reader into the application alone. It even lets you to browse some news and content sources that you need. You may not receive any personal update for this one yet, but waiting would be all worth it. Some people may have been updated and just got what they need. So, you will have it as well.

Download Nokia Reader (not available in all counties)



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