Nokia Lumia 920/820 To Release In October?

Nokia Lumia 920/820 To Release In October?

People have already heard about the previous speculations regarding the Nokia Lumia 920/820 release date, so as its range, which now already falls on sometime at the end of October and on the early days of November. Well, of course, it would always be a better and brighter days for the avid fan of the phones. This is the reason why you may be hoping to follow the newest tidbit, which has the real thing on it.

In accordance to one of the readers, Nokia in Italy already expected that they could have the newest Lumia handsets available on the middle or later days of October, which definitely suits best on the period of October 21. The only reason behind such speculation is that, the Nokia Italia is now taking out their training course regarding the newest devices for the coming days. Some people actually assume that there is not so much thing left to do apart from packing, shipping and marketing them.



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