A Room For Your Family On Windows Phone 8

A Room For Your Family On Windows Phone 8

According to the latest leaked photos that have been creating buzz all around, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system will include a new Rooms feature that will allow friends and family to chat in a virtual room and share data. The new feature is planned to be launched as a part of a wave of new devices this fall. Though it sounds similar, but the Room feature is said to be different from the Groups already found in Windows Phone devices in the way that it will be a new option to create an interactive group full of friends or family. This is how it works; a text message will invite users to join, and once accepted, Rooms participants can share calendar items, photos, and notes privately. Rooms will also include a group chat feature that allows participants to chat with each other. Rooms can be created in a similar way to Groups in Windows Phone 8, and Microsoft will provide a default “Best Friends” group and “Family Room” built into the People Hub. The official announcement of the feature is yet to be made at a press conference very soon.

Windows Phone 8 is scheduled to be released in November this year.



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