New Start Screen For Windows Phone 8

New Start Screen For Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 is about to release next month probably and all its features are being revealed at regular intervals. First, it was the customizable display that was under attention and still the most talked feature of the new package. Then recently, we had the Family Room feature in the People hub, a part of grouping and social chatting. But now, the latest upcoming, which is not a feature rather a customization of the previous interface is the new start screen. It was revealed in a video review. Previously, what we had was a tile interface at the start screen when we tapped the Windows button and the app list was separate with an arrow pointing pointed out to locate it. But from now on, the app list will fly in first and then the tiles interface. This has been opted because the arrow is missing from the new interface. Therefore, the animation will act as a hint that the app list is still there and you have to swipe the screen. Overall, it was nothing to boast about but can be kept just for a change. However, we appreciate what new WP8 is bringing to the technology and are eager for its launch to the real world.

See the new start screen from the 10:50


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