Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung, one of the biggest phone manufacturers right now and moving with a lightning speed ahead is facing a tough competition with the former conqueror of the industry, Nokia. Nokia with its latest Lumia series has once again marked its footsteps that once existed before the down slope of the company. With the arrival of Samsung’s Galaxy S3, the total shift in the consumer market was quite huge to measure. But Nokia’s Lumia 920 is about to launch soon. Let’s see, if it has the potential to stand against the current “World Heavy Weight Champion”.

Our first look at the Nokia Lumia 920 was like “Wow” and we can assure you that we were not the only ones to do that. In fact, the polycarbonate body with a blend of yellow, red and white was something extraordinary that one could only expect from the Finnish manufacturers. With an exact fit in your palms, it is something you would love to admire. On the comparison, Samsung Galaxy S3 with its curvaceous body fits nice in your hands. But there is nothing new to the change to differentiate it from the other handsets from the Korean company and the plastic body does lack to give a ‘hard build’ look that one would expect from such a high range phone. But the only department where Nokia lacks is the heavy body weighing 6.5 ounces in comparison to 4.7 ounces of Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3, with one of the largest display right now in competition to any of the high end smart phones offers a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, which yields a 1,280×720-pixel resolution and a pixel density of 306 pixels per inch. But the most expansive movie experience bitters down with the low resolution and high reflection from the screen. Also, screen is not as bright as Nokia Lumia 920 which is promoted to be the “world’s brightest display” ever. Nokia, with its 4.5-inch Nokia PureMotion HD+ display, offers a resolution of 1,280×768 pixels with a pixel density of 332 pixels per inch, which is even better than the HD display available in other screens. Also, Nokia Lumia 920 has its ClearBlack technology, better than the one you would find on Nokia Lumia 900. It is an automatically activating system for adjusting brightness, color and contrast details by using a polarizing filter to cut off the reflections, to compensate for lighting and intended to deliver a clear display without any effort from the user.

Samsung Galaxy S3 packs an 8MP camera but what makes it even better is the Android interface. There are photo shooting modes like Panaroma, Multi-shot burst mode that enable you to take a 28MP image and take thousands of photos within minutes. However, we are still waiting eagerly to witness the power of the Nokia’s 8.7MP camera with PureView technology accompanied with real optical image stabilization system and high-quality Carl Zeiss optics. If we go with the specs, Nokia takes it. But nothing can be authorized till the launch of the smart phone.

Camera comparison – Galaxy S3 vs Lumia 920

Samsung is a ‘performer’ that is full of features. It is long time supported with LTE services over different carriers. Nokia is also supported with the service but limited to EE LTE for now and the services are yet to be announced by the company.

Nokia Lumia 920 is equipped with a 2,000 mAh battery promised to give a good playback time with Windows operating system being economical in the past as well. It also comes with a wireless charger, first of its kind. Samsung comes with a slightly bigger 2,100 mAh battery with a video playback of 9 hours.

NFC enables you to exchange data and allow communication between two devices with just a touch or in a close proximity. Samsung was the first one to take this feature to the market and has successfully developed its S Beam feature to enable file sharing within a matter of seconds. But it can be only used for S3 devices only for now. Nokia is also fully supported with NFC on similar Nokia devices.

Nokia Lumia 920 is still to be released and a lot depends upon the actual performance of the phone than what it claims now. Still, it is a close competition between the two. Samsung, as always is packed with features but lacks in aesthetics and display. Also, camera performance of Nokia Lumia 920 will be a key factor for us to declare the verdict.


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