Another Lawsuit: This Time It’s Nokia Against HTC

Another Lawsuit: This Time It’s Nokia Against HTC

Lawsuits are always the hot cakes for discussion and when it’s the high-tech management fighting over the patent infringements, the better it gets. The most famous and the recent one was the $1Billion lawsuit against Samsung to infringe the patents by Apple. While Apple has won the legal case, it is planning to file another $707 Million case against the Korean company. We don’t know what will be the result this time, but what we know according to the latest rumors flying over the internet is that now Nokia is planning to file a lawsuit against HTC over its Windows Phone 8 handsets to resemble the same design as the Nokia Lumia series including the brightly colored plastic chassis and angular shapes of the two devices. According to the claim, the HTC 8X is not just coincidentally similar to the Nokia Lumia 820 and more to be a carbon-copy of the same. Even this is the statement by most of the users who had their hands-on the new HTC phones. However, the HTC officials have stated that they have not received any legal notice till now and will comment only after any confirmation from their legal team.

Nokia Lumia 820 range of colors is pretty similar to HTC 8X.



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