Smoked by Windows Phone with Nokia Lumia Now In Sweden

Smoked by Windows Phone with Nokia Lumia Now In Sweden

Nokia has not missed out even a single chance to promote their upcoming flagship smart phones, Nokia Lumia 920 and 820. They are making it international with uncustomary ways you’ve never heard before. Earlier, during the launch of the Lumia series, it was the “4-D magic show” that the whole London witnessed. Recently, we saw some colorful promotions in Finland with guys wandering all around the city of Helsinki. And now, impressed with the “Smoke” campaign by Windows Phone and copying the same, Nokia has started its own Lumia Challenge which has now headed to Sweden. The challenge includes a no. of team members from Nokia visiting people in shopping malls and asking them to do some time-tasks on their smart phones against Nokia Lumia 800. The tasks are as simple as updating your Facebook Status, searching for a song, etc. and you will get prizes as well.

The same challenge team recently visited London. Though, the prizes included a cash prize of 10 pounds and a voucher worth 50 pounds which could be used to buy a Lumia device, we barely saw someone winning against the Windows Powered Lumia 800. So, we can sum up that Nokia has adopted a good marketing strategy finally!


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