The Power Of Nokia Lumia 900 – Torture Test

The Power Of Nokia Lumia 900 – Torture Test

Nokia, a brand related with success and reliability is also a synonym to “Strength”. We’re sure that you’d have seen on the internet or videos (not commercials from Nokia) showing the physical strength of a Nokia handset. We don’t know if CNET saw any of that video or they wanted to do something crazy for the day that they decided to test the physical strength and the scratch resistance of the Nokia Lumia 900 smart phone. They performed a certain no. of tasks to check the truth behind the picture.

  • Starting with, they froze the phone for 2 hours but it survived.
  • Then, they put it in an oven at 200 degrees but the phone was ready to bear the pain.
  • Next, they carried out the hammer test using the phone to hammer a nail. But they were shocked to see it scratch-less without any damages.
  • Then, they dropped the phone but the screen was still unscratched.
  • The final attempt was carried out under water sinking the phone in the pool. The phone did not start though it might be fainted for some time and come back strongly.

Overall, it was a nice attempt by the CNET team but failed to take the crown off the head of Nokia. Hail to the undisputed king!


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