Does Nokia Lumia 820 Have A Super-Sensitive Touch Screen?

Does Nokia Lumia 820 Have A Super-Sensitive Touch Screen?

Take it to be the over-hyped discussion over Nokia Lumia 920 that the secondary version of the handset, Nokia Lumia 820 has gone unseen. There have been comparisons going around among the different flagships but it is Nokia Lumia 920 everywhere having the applause. And the ignorance was so much that most of us didn’t even knew that Nokia Lumia 820 is also packed with a super-sensitive touch screen that is available in the primary 920. Mark Squires, the Communications Director of Nokia just confirmed it stating that ‘Yes it has and there is a sensitivity setting in the setting menu too.’ Going with the technical terms, both Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 use Synaptics ClearPad capacitive touchscreen sensing technology that enables the user to use the screen not only with fingertips, but also with fingernails, wearing gloves or even a pen. Adding to this, there is a sensitivity tuner as well to provide you the best user experience that suits you. And don’t bother for the scratches on the screen, Nokia has it all insured with the Gorilla Glass protection.

Both Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are expected to take the stage in November, after the release of Windows Phone 8.


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