Nokia Lumia 920 is quite popular over at Engadget

Nokia Lumia 920 is quite popular over at Engadget

The popularity of Nokia Lumia 920 is going up with each passing day, the latest example being over five thousand comments made by users on Engagdet. This may hardly be surprising for a mobile phone that is being hailed as a major threat to the iPhone 5. One of the reasons for the huge comments pouring in is the high quality camera. Camera stability of the Nokia Lumia 920 is nothing less than that of the iPhone 5 even though it is not equipped with the latest cutting edge technology.

Nokia Lumia 920 boasts of a wider camera angle as compared to iPhone 5, a fact that is no means lost to the current mobile users. Software stabilization also puts a huge boost for cropping the image to the best size by offering a border buffer as well. The only thing to be aware of is that there is an apparent camera shake that is blown up while zooming. So, you might want to care of the distance between the object you want to shoot to make sure you do not get a blurred result.



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