Nokia Announces Prices And Carriers for Lumia 920 / 820

Nokia Announces Prices And Carriers for Lumia 920 / 820

In a press release earlier this morning, Nokia has finally revealed the prices and carriers in Germany. The over-aged discussion has finally ended but at a high note. Recently, there were some websites claiming to get the stock of Nokia Lumia 920 by mid-October at a price tag of $631. But as the official talks go on stage, the prices were revealed to be much higher than expected. The recommended retail price of the Nokia Lumia 920 has been announced to be 649 Euros and for the Lumia 820, it’s 499 Euros. Also, the dates are yet to be announced but Nokia expects November availability for both handsets.

With such a high price tag, there might be some craze among the fans might suffer a downshift. While Nokia Lumia 820 is available at the price tag of HTC 8X, the higher end smartphone of HTC, the primary one, Nokia Lumia 920 is touching the skies. Though it has some very attractive features packed inside, but still the price is much higher than the expected cost of around $650. But the high walls cannot prevent the diehard football fans to reach the stadium. The statement fits perfect in the picture!



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