Book Yourself A Nokia Lumia 920/820 In Russia Now

Book Yourself A Nokia Lumia 920/820 In Russia Now

Since, there were just rumors going around about the expected price and availability of the Nokia Lumia handsets. But a lot has changed in this entire day with all the revelations of the flagship in different parts of the world. Following the trend in Germany, Australia and Italy, the Nokia team has finally reached Russia with a lot of expensive gifts for the upcoming Christmas. But it was not just the announcement regarding the pricing and availability, the online store for Nokia has even started taking pre-orders in Russia. The pricing for Nokia Lumia 920 will be 24,990 rubles and that for Nokia Lumia 820 will cost 19,990 rubles. Though the availability is not yet promised, but a November release is expected.

Nokia Lumia 920 will be available in yellow, white, red, and black while Nokia Lumia 820 will be rocking the stage in red, white and black. Nokia is also giving away Nokia Purity Stereo Headset by Monster for pre-ordered customers.

Earlier in the day, there were press releases around the globe by Nokia. And though initially there were some false claims by some websites, the final prices are very higher than expected. Let’s see how it affects the end user.



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