A Notification Centre For Windows Phone?

A Notification Centre For Windows Phone?

The interface of live tiles by Windows Phone was very well accepted by the users and has been developed further in the Windows Phone 8 with dynamic tiles coming in that are customizable in size. But one of the users of their smartphones, Jrtorrents, was not satisfied with the interface completely and felt like something was missing. He succeeded to find out that missing factor but doesn’t stop there. He proceeded to introduce the new concept to the world and here he is with a new interface that is promising as well as follows all the guidelines of the Window Phone.

Though the tiles were themselves a notification centre for the respective apps, still the guy wanted a notification centre just like iOS and Android collectively for all the apps. So, what he did is create a notification tile on the home screen. The tile would rotate as many times as the no. of notifications. You can also double tap on the tile to get a more detailed view of all the notifications. As the tile formation is intact, we really think this is a very good design. The idea of rotation is dynamic and adds to the beauty of the home screen. But it is just an individual concept and we’ll have to wait whether Microsoft works on it. It may also be the case that they have already worked on it but didn’t like it. Whatever be the case, we’ll have to wait and watch!



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