Multilingual Text Suggestions In Windows Phone 8

Multilingual Text Suggestions In Windows Phone 8

Whenever you type a message, you can see the text suggestions to help you write the content faster and easier. This feature is now available in all the smartphones. But what we found in the upcoming Windows Phone 8 was even better. The story goes back two days when a blogger was navigating Nokia Lumia 920 with a fork and glove on (Yes! It’s true, thanks to the super-sensitive touch and Gorilla glass). But it was one of the readers of his blog who noticed a dialog message popping out as, “You are missing text suggestions for this keyboard. You can download them now or visiting Settings > Keyboard to do this later.”

Only then we came to know that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 not only supports text suggestions in English, but other languages as well. You can download the different keyboards but the database is not downloaded together to save the data usage. However, as per desire you can download the database for any keyboard. Text suggestions are optional under the settings and can be enabled from there. Also, one of the most important positives of this new text suggestion software is that it doesn’t have all the words inserted into the OS from the start. Rather, Microsoft can update and add more word suggestions in the future which allows for a more flexible and advanced input system.

Looking at the feature, we can expect some more handy features after the release of Windows Phone 8.



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