Nokia Cuts Down Prices Of Lumia 900 / 800

Nokia Cuts Down Prices Of Lumia 900 / 800

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, the new Windows Phone 8 smartphones are about to launch in November and with the company struggling in the past few years, it is a do or die situation for them. Though the demand for the new stuff is high, the old models are finding a place in the junk-stores of the company. Obviously, since the announcement of Windows Phone 8, who would have thought of bying the old one which is only upgradable to Windows Phone 7.8! Therefore, to clear up the earlier stock, the finnish phone makers have decided to go for the long old strategy, “Discount”. According to EsPhoneblog.com, the prices for Nokia Lumia 900 have come down to only 345 EUR, 245 EUR for Lumia 800, 225 EUR for Lumia 710 and 169 EUR for Lumia 610, including the 23 percent VAT in Finland.  But the downfall is not limited to just the hometown as the research carried out by a British firm CCS shows that Nokia has cut down the price of Nokia Lumia 800 by 10 percent and Nokia Lumia 900 by 15 percent.

Ironically, the new models are very high priced in comparison to other high-end smartphones falling in the same category. It seems like Nokia is thinking of compensating for the $3billion they suffered in the last 18 months with their new icons. Let’s see, how much can they cover up!



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