How To: Transfer MP3 Files To Your Nokia Lumia

How To: Transfer MP3 Files To Your Nokia Lumia

This article will guide you on how to transfer mp3 files to your Nokia Lumia smart phone.

Nokia has enhanced the quality of its music street with new apps making it home like Gigs and Mix Radio. Both these apps are available in Nokia Music. Whereas Mix Radio allows you to download songs and play them on the go, Gigs enable you to recognize an artist by the song playing nearby you. Also, there is a no. of options available to transfer your mp3 files to your Nokia Lumia.

Here is a step by step guide on how to follow the same using different ways:


This is a simple and straight forward tool to transfer your files. Zune is the official app for Windows Phones to transfer data between your PC and Nokia Lumia. It is a free app and need to be installed before you can follow the procedure. If you don’t have the software and want to download it, go to www.zune.net

  • Connect your Nokia Lumia to your PC using a compatible USB data cable. As your phone gets synced with your PC, a folder will appear.
  • Then, open Zune on your PC.
  • Select the files you want to transfer and drag them directly to the playlist. You can also browse for the files and add them.

The above mentioned procedure is equally applicable to Mac devices using Windows Phone 7 Connector, an app which can be downloaded from the app store.


As obvious, Nokia Lumia is a Bluetooth enabled phone. Therefore, if your PC is also Bluetooth enabled, you can directly connect the two devices and transfer the files.

NOTE: Remember that Nokia does not allow data transfer via Bluetooth between two phone devices other than Nokia Lumia.


This method is useful but not very accurate as the desired results. So, it is like a secondary option if you don’t have any other options left. There is a voice recording app called Voice Memo that enables you to record any sound or music playing nearby.

  • Just place the phone near the speakers or the device you want to record sound from.
  • Tap the recording button from the moment you want to start the recording.
  • Tap the stop button to stop the recording. You can also pause and resume the recording if you want to skip a certain part of the sound.
  • All the sounds are automatically saved as MP3 format.

NOTE: The audio quality depends a lot upon the distance between the phone and the sound device. So, it may take you two to three times to record the right quality.


There is a no. of 3G up loading services available which enable you transfer the files as follows:

  • Upload the file you want to transfer on the website of the 3G service provider.
  • You will obtain a temporary web address.
  • Open the link on your phone and download the sound file.
  • Remember that the file is free and doesn’t require any copyrights related authentication. Otherwise, the website owners will not allow the uploading.

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