Windows Phone 8 Ship Party 2012 – Having good time

Windows Phone 8 Ship Party 2012 – Having good time

The ship party is high and the thirst seems to be unquenchable with the bottles going down one by one. But any guesses, who’s throwing this off-season bash? Well, the Christmas might have not reached home yet, but with the next generation Windows Phone 8 complete and lined up to go on floors next month, the festive season has already reached the gates of Microsoft. Compared with the last year’s party on occasion of the release of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango version, where a “thriller” dance by the flash mob and some bold stunts including the raising of slogans of “RIP RIM” by the attendants were quite enough to get some rave reviews for the organizers, this year’s party was much sophisticated with only some beers touching the roof in the middle of Gangnam Style dancing and featured Sir Mix-A-Lot. Also, the last year party was organized on August 6 which has delayed to 28th September this season. This clearly shows off the delay in the release of Windows Phone’s next version.

Having due respect for the time taken in the burning process, we hope that the product also comes out completely roasted without having any areas left. Otherwise, just last few drops of fuel have left and it will take another year for the fire to spark!



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