Parking Service From Nokia

Parking Service From Nokia

While Apple is suffering with its first attempt of Apple Maps and has even apologized to its users for the disturbing service, Nokia is riding in full flow with another navigation service called Nokia Parking. As the name suggests, the service will allow the users to find the parking space easily and faster than ever. The service is a GPS based navigation system loaded with all the database of parking spots near you. But remember, it is not an app and Nokia will be controlling it indirectly by providing the service to other third party sources i.e. the parking authorities who will themselves create and distribute their own apps to the clients. The app is more advanced than the other parking apps currently running in the market. The present apps allow the user to locate the parking garage and provide information regarding the height of the garage in case you are driving a truck or a SUV. But this new Nokia parking service will provide directions and information about the actual parking spots, making it a lot easier to find the right space for your machine. Also, the app tracks real-life space availability in the parking area to help you reach the spot on the right time before someone else takes it.

Moreover, you can pay for the parking from within the app. When you reach the parking, just tap on a button and you will start paying. When you leave, tap the button again and your payment will automatically be proceeded without any of your input required. The service also allows you to use the app on a different device other than Nokia i.e. if you are using a 3G-connected navigation unit in your car, the car will itself start and stop the payment based upon its location.

Currently, the service is available only in some selected areas across Europe. But the company is planning  to build it up in more cities around the globe.



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