Nokia Lumia Challenge Reaches The “V-Festival”

Nokia Lumia Challenge Reaches The “V-Festival”

A few days before, we talked about the Nokia challenge being driven to Sweden. There, the Nokia team went to people in shopping malls and around to catch the live action between their Nokia Lumia 800 and other smartphones. And the exciting thing was that Nokia Lumia 800 was undisputed. Now, taking the movement further, the team has reached the V-Festival, one of the biggest music events held throughout the UK. The festival was attended by a lot of youngsters and the right choice for the brand to concentrate. Nokia also organized a “Dare to Live” campaign earlier this year and impressed with the “Smoked” tour of Microsoft, they have already traveled to many places around the globe.

With similar tasks including uploading a photo on Facebook or finding a restaurant nearby, the team managed to book some future users for the company who were impressed with the phone. The team was loaded with lot of goodies like Lumia headbands, “I Love Lumia” shirts and some shiny Nokia Lumia 800s to keep the chanting and encouraging for the challengers. The winners got away with a £10 cash prize with the losers walking away with merchandise, including hats and other Lumia gear to ensure that no one goes empty handed. Also, a voucher for Nokia Music worth £30 was handed over to an owner of a Nokia Lumia.

While the latest hardware for the Lumia series is still to launch, the company is working hard on marketing to boost up the sale of its current Lumia series smartphones who are facing a hard time after the announcement that they will not be upgraded to the next generation Windows Phone 8 platform.


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