Nokia Lumia 900 With A Curved Glass Screen?

Nokia Lumia 900 With A Curved Glass Screen?

Nokia’s research and development headquarters is based in Tampere, Finland and is known for the unique and quality designs for the Nokia handsets that they come with over regular intervals. One of the most recent examples of their capability was the the Nokia Lumia 800 that featured a seamless curved glass front screen, the first of its kind. The concept was very well accepted and appreciated by both the users and critics. But it was dropped in the next slightly high-end Nokia Lumia 900 and ended in a flat faced smartphone that we know about. There were rumors that Nokia failed to fit that curved screen but the truth never came out.

But recently, Engadget was allowed to visit their centre and what they came out was a picture of all their current and old models in the glass case. There they found a Nokia Lumia 900 but not the one we are introduced with, rather one with curved glass design similar to Nokia Lumia 800. It was a prototype and explains itself that Nokia also had plans to feature the same curved screen on Lumia 900 but due to some technical issues, couldn’t sort it out. One of the approximated reasons that is rising above all is that the screen was available on a compromise with strength, weight and thickness and could have broken very easily, which was not justified on any conditions.

However, we know that the new Nokia Lumia 920 has a curved screen and may be the Finnish phone makers have found the right solution or they may have realized that there was no such risk involved as such. Whatever be the case, we have got our favorite back!



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