Is Nokia Lumia 920’s Super-Sensitive Touch A Power Drainer?

Is Nokia Lumia 920’s Super-Sensitive Touch A Power Drainer?

While the Nokia Lumia 920 is being praised for its HD+ display and optically stabilized camera, the phone is facing some new challenges for its Super-sensitive touch screen that can sense almost anything from a fork to even a piece of cloth. The company recently received an email from a guy from JDB Pocketware (creators of legendary PocketShield) regarding the battery issue linked up with the smart screen. In the email, the guy addressed the battery problem that might occur in the new handset if some solution is not sorted out soon.

According to the email, if one of the power button or the camera button is accidentally pushed while the phone resides in the pocket, then there might be a possibility that the screen will never standby again until taken out. There is a timeout for every touch when the screen is locked. If the screen is not touched within this period, the screen will automatically go off. But if there is a continuous touch due to objects or clothes inside the pocket, the screen will enter a never ending loop (thanks to the super-sensitive touch) that will drain the battery a lot earlier than what you’d have expected.

A solution has also been suggested as to program the screen so that whenever the proximity sensor senses proximity, the screen should not power on. This will help keep the screen off in pockets, etc. While the current version of Windows Phone doesn’t take this issue into account, they are expecting the solution in the next generation’s Windows Phone 8.

Though any response has not yet been given by Nokia, it is quite impossible that Nokia would have not taken the issue into consideration. Whatever it is, don’t forget to leave suggestions and comments regarding the ‘serious subject matter’.



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