LG GW990 is first MeeGo phone!?


If you are following Maemo related news you probably know that Maemo name is dead, and new name is MeeGo. Both Nokia and Intel on MeeGo presentation invited all who wants to participate in MeeGo Project that are welcom to join, and for now we know that LG is in MeeGo game. LG GW900 phone will probably be the first phone with MeeGo. GW990 uses a custom UI on top of the x86-based Moblin core and we doubt there’s any of Maemo’s ARM-based code involved there, but it’s a definite sign of things to come.

It looks like MeeGo will have good start, and we(maemocommunity.com) will follow MeeGo OS, but probably with new domain name. ;)



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