How you can use the Motors app to find the car you need

Most people will need to try to find a car at some point in their lives, whether it is for work purposes or simply for family use, but the process of actually locating something suitable for your needs within a distance that makes it feasible to go and look at can be a frustrating and time-consuming in one. In the past it used to involve many hours of traipsing round dealerships checking out cars, and sifting through the classified adverts in newspapers – but the launch of the motors.co.uk website in 2007 made the process much simpler.
Motors is a website offering a comprehensive UK-wide database of cars for sale – both used and new – and is easy and quick to use for a car search.

Unsurprisingly it has been a massive hit with those looking for a car, and this led the company to look at developing a mobile app, together with Apple, that could be installed on mobile devices like the iPhone. The purpose of the app was to bring still greater ease and convenience to the business of tracking down a suitable car, by enabling people to look for one even when they are unable to get access to a computer.

The app works in much the same way as its parent website, providing you with a number of boxes to fill in with information concerning the make and model of car you want, where you are located, how much you are able to pay, and how far you can travel to view potential buys. You have a choice about how much information to input before searching, but the more you can provide the quicker you will find something that fits all of your requirements. Thus the app is very simple for any mobile user to operate and should help anyone to find a suitable new or used vehicle.


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