Nokia Vice-President of Product Marketing Resigns

Nokia Vice-President of Product Marketing Resigns

What seemed as the starting of a new era for the Finnish company, has taken a wrong turn just before the start of the proceedings. While Nokia had much promise with their new flagship phones, Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, the product marketing Vice-President, llari Nurmi, who was responsible for all the smartphone strategies around the launch, has recently sent an email to Reuters confirming his resign. He tweeted, “I have left Nokia. I am thankful for almost 15y there. I wish Nokia all the best and look forward to getting Lumia 920 once available.”

Though there are still speculations going around as why he took such an important decision just before the launch of the series, the most expected reason that’s surfacing is the disappointed investors that were left without any details regarding the launch dates and pricing when Nokia unveiled Lumia 920.

Nokia is already struggling with its position in the market and has already lost close to $3billion in the last 18 months and Lumia 920 is its last and only choice to survive. The company has devoted a lot of research to its design and has till date received a lot of praise as well. But how will this move affect the future of the company? Let’s wait and watch!


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