AT&T to get new WP8 Lumia’s, still no exact date

AT&T to get new WP8 Lumia’s, still no exact date

Finally, Nokia announced on its official website that they are soon going to launch Lumia 920. People all over the globe were excited about this phone and at last it will be available at the AT&T website from the month of November. However, you will have to order the phone directly from the website in order to get the phone at this moment. The Lumia 920 White, Black and Red colors will be available at any mobile store around the globe. Nokia did not mention anything about the matte grey Lumia 920 yet. May be it will be available a few days after the launch of 920.

The Lumia 820 will also be available in the market but it will only be in Black color. If anyone wants to have a colorful Lumia 820, the user will have to buy some colored faceplate along with the phone. The prices are not available yet and also the exact date of launch isn’t revealed by Nokia. So, guess the user need to keep him or her updated to get a hold of the phone as soon as it is launched.


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