Unlock your Lumia 900 simple and easy [at&t only]

Unlock your Lumia 900 simple and easy [at&t only]

Those who have recently bought an AT&T Lumia 900 should be quite interested in this news. WPCentral recently reported that now anyone can get the unlock key of his AT&T Lumia 900 from the AT&T office. One just needs to call the AT&T office and let them know the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code of the phone. They will provide the unlock key and by that the AT&T Lumia 900 will work on any network.

However, AT&T has mentioned a few conditions for unlocking the phones. According to AT&T officials, in order to get the unlock code, one has to be out of his contract or should have paid the ETF fee. If some users fail to do this, the key will not be provided with the unlock code. People have already got success in getting the unlock codes for their phones. Although, the time taken for getting the code from the AT&T office may vary from person to person and thus, before calling them, one should obtain his IMEI number first. One can easily know the IMEI number of his phone. Just dial *#06# and get the IMEI number and start calling the AT&T office and requesting them to let you know the unlock code for your phone.



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