Pre-order starts for Nokia Lumia charging accessories!

Pre-order starts for Nokia Lumia charging accessories!

Although Nokia did not yet disclose the pricings of the “to-be-launched” Lumia phones, pre-orders have already started for the Lumia charging accessories. Clove UK, have already started taking orders for the “Fatboy” Lumia charger and accessories.

The pre-orders have started but the exact delivery date is not sure. According to the Clove UK, although the pre-orders have started, they do not yet have the confirmed release date of the charging accessories, but they will be available surely after the phones are launched.

Lumia 820 Wireless charging shell ~ €25
Wireless Charging Plate ~ €70
Wireless Charging Stand ~ €85
Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy ~ €100
JBL Playup ~ €180

So, all the Lumia and “Fatboy” lovers will still have to wait for few more months to get hold of their desired phone with the matching charging accessories.


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