Just 9% Demand For Windows Phones In US

Just 9% Demand For Windows Phones In US

While Windows Phones are all lined up to hit the markets in the next months, public plans seem to go a different way. According to the latest research conducted by ChangeWave, only 9% US consumers are interested in buying a new Windows Phone handset out of which only 2% are likely to stand their decision, and the rest still waving between different options.

“Considering marketing has yet to begin, these findings show Windows Phone 8 will likely have a substantial impact on the smart phone industry,” said Dr. Carton, ChangeWave’s VP of Research.

Going with some more specs, 45% of the total customers were still undecided of which OEM to choose. However, out of the rest 55%, a major portion of 51% showed a preference for Samsung over 35% for that of Nokia while HTC shared a mere 7%. With such stats following, nothing seems to go Nokia’s way with their product marketing VP already resigned just a few days before the launch of Nokia Lumia 920 and 820. However, the stats are expected to deviate once the after-launch sale starts with more commitment of Nokia for Windows Phone platform and heavy advertisement around the globe over past few weeks.



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