A Gold Plated Nokia Lumia Illuminated To Dreams

A Gold Plated Nokia Lumia Illuminated To Dreams

What were rumors have now been solidified with confirmation. Recently, news popped out that Nokia might be selling their luxurious brand, Vertu and now has finally confirmed the deal in a press conference. Nokia has sold their luxurious division to EQT VI, a large investment firm. With this deal, about 1000 employees will be turning their heads in the new direction. Also, the CEO of the new company will be a home runner, Anssi Vanjoki, who recently resigned from Nokia.

With this confirmation, it can also be assumed that any hopes for a lavish gold plated Nokia Lumia have now shattered. Though Nokia has secured a 10% share in the company, still there are speculations that Vertu will be shifting their focus towards Android devices and that their plans for the 64GB Windows Phone will be closing down.



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