Nokia Lumia 920 Postponed On Swisscom

Nokia Lumia 920 Postponed On Swisscom

It was earlier reported that Nokia Lumia 920 will be available in Switzerland by mid-November. Swisscom, one of the major carriers in Switzerland confirmed the news. However, the plans seem to have shifted now. According to the latest reports surfacing, the company has tweeted yesterday on one of their twitter accounts that the phone will be launched by late November. The suggested date for booking of orders will be late November while that of store purchase will be December. However, it has also been heard that the phone will be available in Black, White, Red and Yellow first and will later be available in Grey and Cyan.

The reason for the dates to be pushed back is speculated to be lack of complete information for the availability of the phone. The insufficient supply of phone may also be another solid reason compelling the company to distribute the limited supply in preferred regions first leaving the rest empty handed. But Nokia needs to soon find a solution with exact info regarding the pricing and availability of their product as it was the same reason for their product marketing Vice-President to resign. Though the spirits are still high among the fans, some more false promises might turn the hype around the phone in some adverse sale results.


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