November 1st – Release of Nokia Lumia 920

November 1st – Release of Nokia Lumia 920

Since the launch of Nokia Lumia 920, there have never been any certain details regarding the pricing and availability of the phone. All there have been are broken promises and delays in the release dates. From starting, the release dates have been promised to be around November and now being further pushed. But finally, there has been a ray of hope for the phone lovers with MediaMarkt promising to release the phone on 1st November in different colors. Though the validity of the spoken words can only be tested at the right time, but with Microsoft set to unveil Windows Phone 8 on 29th October, the Germany’s biggest retailer’s promise seems to fit at the right place for now.

Nokia Lumia 920 is priced at 649 euro ($840) including taxes. Nokia Lumia 820 is also listed with the same release date with a price tag of 449 euro. We hope that this time we don’t end up on the receiving end of the ditch.



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