Images Of Chinese Version Of Nokia Lumia 920 Leaked

Images Of Chinese Version Of Nokia Lumia 920 Leaked

Some more leaked info and its Nokia again! This time, photos of the Chinese version of the company’s upcoming high-end handset, Nokia Lumia 920 T have emerged on the internet. Nokia has collaborated with China’s largest wireless carrier, China Mobile, for their upcoming product.

The phone boasts the same design features as the original Nokia Lumia 920 except featuring a different model number, Nokia Lumia 920 T. It will also run the same Windows Phone 8 platform. However, Nokia has modified the internal system a little bit to meet the Chinese requirements. This smartphone device will pack a Qualcomm MSM8690/8260A chip and has been said to be designed to support China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA standard. The expected sale of the phone is about to start from December with a price tag of 4888 Yuan.

Chinese market is a vital region for the company as they are a well recognized brand and a favorite among the crowd ahead of Apple. Also, there are a lot of local manufacturers which will be posing a tough competition in terms of costs. Let’s see if the company manages to retain their brand value or find it difficult against the local competition.



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