Lumia 820 & 920 Are Available in Russia from November 6th

Nokia has posted an image on its website which looks like an invitation for an event to be held by them in Russia on November 6. It is being expected that it could be the launch event for either of the two or both the handsets, Lumia 820 & 920, in Russia.
The image posted by Nokia is a bit mysterious with a girl holding a camera and a bat in the background. If we look at it closely, it can be said that the event could be the launch party of Lumia 920. This is because of the camera being shown and the bat in the background. The bat could be a representation of infamously nocturnal creatures which may be signs of night time photography.
Let’s just wait for a little more time and hope that nokia makes it clearer themselves by releasing the model and price info of the phone(s) to be launched.


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