How to: Record phone calls on a Nokia Lumia

This article is dedicated to explain you on how to record phone calls on a Nokia Lumia Smart phone.

Recording phone calls is a very easy task in Windows Mobile phones. There is an official Windows app called Call Recorder that is available in the Marketplace for free. The purpose of the app is to enable the user to record an audio clip of the telephonic conversation.

Here is a step by step procedure on how to use this software to record calls:

  • As you make a phone call or answer a call, first tell the other party that “I am going to record this call.” This is considered important so as to avoid leading to any personal disclosures.
  • Then, TURN ON the speaker for best quality.
  • Tap the Windows key and return to the start menu.
  • Open the “Call Recorder” app.
  • Tap the microphone icon to start recording. (Icon turns into red to indicate that the recording has initiated).
  • Once the call is over, tap the microphone icon again.
  • Once the sound is recorded, you can play it back from the playback page any no. of times you want. Also, you can rate the important conversations with stars.

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