How to: Backup SMS on a Nokia Lumia

This article is dedicated to guide you on how to back up SMS on a Nokia Lumia Smart phone.

There is no SMS backup in a Nokia Lumia smart phone. Zune software doesn’t allow the users to sync their SMS with their PC device. However, if you are updating your phone with Zune software, a backup for your data is the first priority. But if you have to reset your phone, then you will end up losing all your SMS due to lack of backup. But still, there are some conditional methods which you can follow if it’s too important for you.

Upload Copy/Paste notes to Skydrive:

  • Copy the text from the SMS requiring backup.
  • Paste all the text on a notepad.
  • Go to the Office app.
  • Go to locations and open Skydrive.
  • Upload the notepad file from the phone to Skydrive.
  • Now, your data has an online backup that you can access from your PC device as well.
  • But there is a limitation that you will have to copy/paste all SMS one by one.


Unofficial Apps:

There are some unofficial apps that have not been recognized by Microsoft to be safe. But they are doing well in the market. One such app, SMS Backup allows the users to export individual and group of SMS to Skydrive or isolated storage on the device. You can also filter SMS by date and keywords.

Here is the detailed procedure to proceed:

  • First, make sure that your device Interop is unlocked. This means that your device can install unofficial apps as well.
  • Then, select the SMS you want to provide backup to.
  • Go to export and backup.
  • Then, either export the SMS to isolated storage or upload it to Skydrive.
  • Also, choose the format you want for the backup file i.e. txt or xml.
  • For uploading to Skydrive, sign into your account using your Windows Live ID.
  • Then, tap Upload SMS to Skydrive and confirm.
  • You can check your SMS on Skydrive for confirmation.

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