NOKIA Lumia 900 versus NOKIA Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 is still to be launched for sale in the market but the market analysts have started to compare it with its predecessor, Nokia Lumia 900 and look out for the changes that differ this ‘masterpiece’ with the previous dictator of the series. We have also tried to point out the main points of differences and check out whether our results match with the others or not.


The Nokia Lumia 920 is bigger, thinner and heavier than its predecessor, Nokia Lumia 900. The smart phone measures around 10.7 mm in thickness as compared with 11.5 mm but accompanies a considerable amount of hand-strain with a weight tag of 185 grams, 25 grams more than Nokia Lumia 900. Packing an equal amount of aesthetical value, both the smart phones exhibit luxury in their design with superb curves and display nice color combinations.


As the AMOLED display has been slightly enlarged to 4.5 inch, it is not just the right thing to look at when the developers have researched so much on the “brightest display ever”. With less response time, the PureMotion HD+ display offers a ‘better than HD’ performance. The resolution of Nokia Lumia 920 is much higher at 1,280×768 in comparison with 800×480 for Nokia Lumia 900. With a display aspect retio of 15:9, it will be a great deal for web browsers, gamers as the thumb reaches more easily to the top and cover the entire scroll. The ClearBlack technology, which was first offered in Nokia Lumia 900 to help users operate the phone outdoors, has also been further advanced.


The Nokia Lumia 920 comes with a Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4  processor with 1 GB RAM in comparison with the Single-core 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor of Nokia Lumia 900 with 512 MB RAM. Therefore, the new model is promised to be fast as well as support a greater no. of heavy apps that require fast processing like action games, etc. Also, the memory support has been extended to 32 GB from 16 GB which was a necessary feature to be added.


The Nokia Lumia 900 though promised to set a milestone, yet disappointed most of the users with its average camera performance. Now, Nokia Lumia 920 is yet another promising product of the same franchise and is on the verge of the same position. But under the PureView brand, the 8.7MP auto focus camera lens with real optical image stabilization system and high-quality Carl Zeiss optics included in its embarking features’ list, the phone is expected with a different end result this time. The secondary camera is also superior in Nokia Lumia 920 with its 1.3MP camera compared to 1MP camera of its predecessor.


Both the phones are LTE supported but the services are yet to be announced. Whereas Nokia Lumia 920 features Bluetooth 3.1, Nokia Lumia 900 is supported with 2.1+EDR.


Nokia Lumia 920 is equipped with a 2,000 mAh battery can provide a video playback for 7 hours. Nokia Lumia 900 features a slightly less powerful 1,830 mAh battery with a battery backup of 6 hours.


Nokia Lumia 920 has become the first smart phone to avail wireless charging facility for its power source. It features QI integrated wireless pad so that you can charge your phone without needing to connect it with a wire.


NFC enables you to exchange data and allow communication between two devices with just a touch or in a close proximity. While Nokia Lumia 900 was absent with any such features, Nokia Lumia 920 is fully supported with NFC on similar Nokia devices.


Both the high-end phones are capable to put a hole in your pocket. While the price of Nokia Lumia 920 is yet to be announced, the price (on contract) for Nokia Lumia 900 is $50 AT&T.


Just looking at the comparison, one can easily declare Nokia Lumia 920 as the clear winner. Still, we are eagerly waiting for the launch of this handset for sale in the market and only then can we testify our analysis with the results.


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