Microsoft betting on Entry-Level Nokia 130 Phone

Microsoft betting on Entry-Level Nokia 130 Phone

Microsoft is hoping to appeal to the still large number of people around the World who do not yet own a cellphone, with their new Nokia 130 and Nokia 130 Dual.

“It is estimated that at least one billion people in the world still do not have a mobile phone, while at the same time there is increasing demand for reliable backup phones in both mature and high-growth markets,” Jo Harlow, of Microsoft.

Nokia 130

Along with entry-level new cell phone buyers, the Nokia 130 may also be an option for many who want to have a backup or secondary cellphone while outdoors or traveling. The Nokia 130 battery life has up to a one month standby time, which is far more than any smartphone on the market, making it a good option as a backup phone.

The Nokia 130 WP will first go on sale in India, China and Indonesia, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam.



One Response to Microsoft betting on Entry-Level Nokia 130 Phone

  1. Rumata says:

    Joe Harlow, Microsoft, shame on you.
    In 2014, you dare to deliver a phone to the market, that doesn’t allow phonebook download or synchonization with PC.
    Should we type in all contacts by hand?
    What kind of “backup phone” is that?
    It’s crap, not a backup phone.

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