Nokia Q3 financial results – what brings future?

nokia financial report

The average selling price of the Nokia handsets for 3Q were 62 euros – same as in Q2, but demand for mobile devices has improved in many markets during Q3.

The sales of Nokia have risen by 5% in Q3 compared to the the previous quarter, but they are still 19.6% lower than the third quartal of 2008.

Company estimates his market share on 38% , which is equal to what they had in Q3 2008 and Q2 2009.
Nokia expects that in last quarter of year will ship more handsets than in Q3, but will keep about the same market share. Newer estimation of market shrinking is at 7%, older estimations were around 10%.

Conclusion: Q3 has not been much brilliant for Nokia but economies worldwide recuperating from financial crises so in company expects to things turn for the better. New models like N97 mini, X6 and 5230 will bring necessary strength to market.

Source: Nokia.com


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