Watch out for fake China Nokia N900 dual-sim phones

I was browsing youtube videos about the Nokia N900, and I’ve found video showing fake Nokia N900 phones available to buy in China. In video you can see that fake N900 model is very well copied and there are almost no difference from original when we are talking about visual apperiance. But wait for phone to turn on and you will see fake Symbian S60 in fake N900 hardware (Symbian on N900, :D) Of course there are two sim slots and box is iphone style, so if you are buying N900 watch for Maemo menu pics of phone you are buying. :D

This is good solution only if you don’t have enough money for original, and you want to have best phone among your friends, although only you know what it is under housing.


3 Responses to Watch out for fake China Nokia N900 dual-sim phones

  1. jason says:

    I have bought one from China.just cost $104,1:1 NOKIA N900,with wifi and tv,Although this is a copy one, but the quality is ok.worth buying

  2. paddy noe says:

    I just bought one. I also have a real one. I travel a lot and want to have a dual sim phone. does any one have an idea how to change the operating system to Maemo and still being able to use the dual sim?

  3. Adnana says:

    I’ve bought one, just the same from eurodualsim, a shop in Romania; it was a promotion with free shipping, one year guarantee and also a 2GB TS. I thought and I still do think that I’ve made a good business. It was very cheap and I’m glad that at the design is similar with a nokia. I love that I can play all day long and my battery still lasts. I can also navigate on internet and read my emails without a problem and also I downloaded whatsapp cuz I have a bunch of people using this app. I truly recommend this phone to anyone who’s in love with nokia’s phones.

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