Nokia N900 overclocked to 1700MHz! Photo!

For N900 many said – “this is another  mobile phone like many others” but look what n900 is capable to do – run at 1700MHz! Judge for yourself whether this is a fake or original photo.



11 Responses to Nokia N900 overclocked to 1700MHz! Photo!

  1. cjp says:

    Wow this overclocking is getting out of hand! Can we really be sure that what’s happening here is what we think it is? Because that just seems too incredible to be true. Are you guys really getting speed boosts?

  2. Jade Bryan Jardinico says:

    Oh..shocking! A netbook processor speed.

  3. koshko says:

    omg ! :-o

  4. ear0wax says:

    Look at the load. At 1.7ghz I dont think the load would be so high, Take a look at some of the processes also. Im calling this a fake

  5. Deathlar says:

    Yeah, look at some of the processes at the bottom and their percentage… This is how they look at the normally clocked N900, with more than 3 times higher it would look really different. 1GHz i can believe, 1.7 is just way too much. I´m calling a fake too.

  6. Beeny says:

    Ok i don’t know if it’s fake or not but if u overclock it so much it can damage ur phone alot and i bet the battery drains in a hour or something

  7. Sever says:

    dudes, it seems pretty accurate. he’s got bluetooth on, wifi on, im on, music player and organiser running (alarm at least).

    music player drains around 20-30% cpu at 500-600mhz, so at 1700mhz, seems about right.

  8. drobek says:

    BIG FAKE!!!!!!

  9. Steve says:

    omg ! :-o

  10. dharan says:

    awesome dude,

  11. arimo says:

    Let me tell you something… when you open the conky… it show you which
    frecuency is the maximun… and then with which it´s working… so it´s possible… but it it can damage your phone alot… so be carefull…

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