Show us your N900 desktop screenshot

Nokia N900 has big and beautiful 800×480 pixel screen with 16M colors and it’s perfect for desktop customization. By tapping on edit screen button you can customize you desktops (to be precise four desktops/views)  as you want. You can add shortcuts, bookmarks, contacts and widgets to make your desktop on N900 easy to use. So


Nokia N900 video samples – outside

Here are some video examples that we took with N900 video camera. N900 record videos in WVGA resolution, 848 x 480 pixels at 25fps. We must say that video quality is very good, but that is something we expected from Nokia and WVGA resolution. Please note that Youtube video is lower quality because YouTube reduces


Video: Nokia N900 Hackerbox PR pack

Here is PR versions of Nokia N900 package. It’s called Nokia Hackerbox. This box weights couple of kilos and it is shiny black plastic with Nokia logo and MiniUSB port. To unlock box you need to connect box with your computer and hack into box to open it.  Very cool and unusual box and great


Delivery of N900 – Prepare, Attention, START!

Nokia has started deliveries of its new top-of-the-range model N900 on Nov 10, a key product for the world’s top phone maker in its battle against rivals iPhone and Blackberry. This is shipping for Europe, for USA has started few days later – on November 18. Nokia Chief Executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said in a speech


Nokia N900 disassembly video

Nokia N900 gets disassembled on video, all you need is a philips screwdriver, Torx 6 screwdriver. Step-by-step video disassembly of N900. Keep in mind that this video is unofficial and we suggest to don’t try on your own, because you can damage your N900. ;) There are also picture step-by-step disassembly at Nokia Service Manual


Nokia reveals distribution strategies for Maemo and Symbian

Important news coming from Capital Markets Day event. Nokia is realized that Maemo OS has big potential. Other thing is – S40 feature phone UI is long outdated. Nokia aims to reduce amount of S40 devices and increase the percentage of smartphones in its portfolio. That means more Symbian smartphones like S60 and Maemo will


Only one Maemo device next year?!

According to Reuters, Nokia is planing to introduce only one Maemo powered device in the 2010. From a Reuters source with “direct knowledge of Nokia’s product roadmap” who says Nokia will only launch one new Linux smartphone next year. Driving the point home is word from a Nokia spokesman who declined comment on future plans


Nokia N900 running in portrait mode

Here is video showing N900 running in portrait mode, as expected it is running without any problems and lags. There is still no official information of the Nokia N900 firmware update. We hope it will be before Christmas with portrait mode enabled. Source: Maemo.org


N900 on USA and Europe market – price comparation

N900 are available on USA market from 18 November. The N900 is not getting a subsidized deal with some of the major carriers. Instead will be sold independently SIM-free. As we know N900 comes with full quad-band GSM support and 1700/2100/900 UMTS/HSDPA support no matter what region it’s targeted at. So, you should be getting


Develop a mobile add-on for your chance to win a Nokia N900!

Good news for all developers! – Mozilla are organizing a contest for Maemo mobile browser add-ons. They will avard best 10 developers with a new Nokia N900 each. You can participate in the contest by submitting your add-on of the mobile Firefox browser for maemo. Dedline for submitting add-ons is December 7, 2009. Nokia N900


Nokia Q3 financial results – what brings future?

The average selling price of the Nokia handsets for 3Q were 62 euros – same as in Q2, but demand for mobile devices has improved in many markets during Q3. The sales of Nokia have risen by 5% in Q3 compared to the the previous quarter, but they are still 19.6% lower than the third


Apple iPhone 3GS vs Nokia N900

iPhone vs N900 Maemo 5 operating system is new to to wide range users, all users that have chance to use or using N900 are positively surprised about his simplicity. N900 is the best smartphone that Nokia has produced till date. Here is Comparison details between Nokia N900 and his hardest rival Apple iPhone 3GS.