HOW TO: Transfer MP3 to NOKIA Lumia 800 / 710

HOW TO: Transfer MP3 to NOKIA Lumia 800 / 710

The Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone with new Nokia Music v1.6 update latest Nokia app that comes with many new features such as the “Gig Finder” has becomes the hot news in market.

The Nokia Mix Radio personalization has much better features and according to Nokia Conversations website, the Nokia Gig Finder tool guarantees its quality service. The Lumia 800 will be able to create custom playlists of your favorite genres and transfer MP3 files right on the move. You do not have to sign-up to services or pay any extra money to do so.

The free Nokia Music v.1.6 update features: Create your own radio stations, Nokia Gig Finder tool allowing users to find the very best in live music.

As it comes with free music, the Nokia Lumia 800 has one pretty useful feature which was first seen on the iPhone. Unlike other Windows Phone 7 handsets, a user is able to control music playback, including play, pause, forward and back, using the single button on the Nokia headset which comes with the phone.

Transfer MP3 files to Nokia Lumino 800

The MP3 files are transferred with Zune, a free PC app. To download and install the latest version on your PC, or get more about Zune, go to www.zune.net.

If you’re using an Apple Mac, download Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac from Mac App Store.

Using USB cable

It is compatible with the “USB Mass Storage” norm. Get a USB cable (There might be one in your Nokia Lumia 800 package) and, linking your Nokia Lumia 800 to your computer should make it appear as a memory key. Open it and just drag MP3 songs or other sound or music files directly to your Nokia Lumia 800, as if it was one of your computer’s folders. For the details, please refer to your Nokia Lumia 800 manual.

Using Bluetooth

The Nokia Lumia 800 is Bluetooth-enabled. If your computer is also Bluetooth-enabled, simply establish a connection between both devices and transfer your audio files from your computer or other phone  to your Nokia Lumia 800.

Get your sound recorded

Since your Nokia Lumia 800 features a sound recorder (also known as “voice memo”) . It is a very simple technique involves simply placing your phone by your computer’s speakers, playing whatever song, music or sound you would like as a ringtone, and recording it — you can even use your voice, your child’s voice or animals sounds!” Record it with your mobile and there you go and listen whenever you want.

 3G Up loader

If you prefer not to buy new accessories, you can always use one of the numerous free “3G Up loader” services available online.3G up loaders work as follows: Upload your own free ringtones on their web site and they will provide a temporary web address. You can navigate to that URL with your Nokia Lumia 800’s browser will download the free ringtone.

If you already own the Nokia Lumia 800, you can download Nokia Music v1.6 direct from your device and enjoy the rocking sound of Nokia. So now on, easily transfer MP3 files to your Nokia Lumia 800.

UPDATE: Read more on how to transfer music on Lumia here.


36 Responses to HOW TO: Transfer MP3 to NOKIA Lumia 800 / 710

  1. yani2349 says:

    how to go mp3 lumia 710

  2. febrian says:

    how I can transfer data document like word,powerpoint or exel from pc to my lumia? I try to use zune but it didnt work…

  3. Sheba vootla says:

    Hi own a Nokia lumia 800. am unable to download songs & not able to use Zune software.


  4. Aniket says:

    How to download songs directly to lumia 710 without connecting it to zune.i have free music cloud,but in that i didnt got all songs and its song quality is also poor on free music cloud.So what i can to?In browser also i am not getting option of save as mp3.I want to download directly from browser like other phones have that option.Plz help me out of this.Which browser or application needed for the same.


  5. ariba says:

    You can easily download songs as well as videos on nokia 710. Just go to the marketplace and click on applications then on Music+videos and then you will find an application i.e. free music downloader from there you can choose a particular site and search the song and download it. It will be saved in the application only but u can have access to it anytime you want! same goes with the videos you can install applications such as megatube and supertube.It enables you to stream and download videos. It may help! :)

  6. rathin says:

    Ariba thanks for ur info..bt, i’ve download the free music downloader..when i save a music file, its shows tranferring and thereafter it shows,..nonvoice eblocking network. Another pblm in the minibrowser dwnld frm marketplace..in this browser i trying to download music files bt after clicking the download option it shows internal server error. I cant understand the pblm pls mail me

  7. Saroj panta says:

    how to use usb cable in lumnia 710 my device is not showing in computer

  8. shyam shinde says:

    how can we transfer word document from laptop to nokia lumia????/

  9. arpit Puranik says:

    Free music downloader works only with wi-fi or 3G
    can we do it using any other cloud service like Skydrive

    Please guide

  10. Yuvraaj Raizada says:

    @Saroj panta: You have to download the free Zune software frm the net ..even for connecting lumia to the pc….
    Lumia will not even connect to the pc w/o Zune .

  11. Yuvraaj Raizada says:

    @Arpit Puranik : As far as I know you cannot transfer word/excel files directly frm laptop to lumia ….but you can always upload the files to your SkyDrive account and then access the files from anywhere …without the slightest expense of phone’s memory ….

  12. ariba says:

    You need to have a strong internet connection for that! I have lumia 710 and its been a while I haven’t faced any problem like that and I have downloaded plenty of songs and videos without Zune! Take time to understand your phone!

  13. vinita says:

    Can any one say how to add music to nokia lumia 710 without zune and every time i try adding any music from zune it asks for credit card number. How will i download free music?

  14. Yuvaraj says:

    How to change the ringtone in lumia 710? i can able to set default tones only

  15. s.venkatesh says:

    nokia lumia 710 in my data stored in to the pc but not connted that zune software is not working plz help me m.no is9177814121

  16. masego says:

    Hi,the Bluetooth on my lumia 710 is failing to connect/pair with other devices,plz help.

  17. harpreet says:

    hi i am able to transfer songs via zune to my phone?

  18. Vishal says:

    Download the latest version of Zune in your laptop.The old version doesnt support some file formats,,,such as AvI..and the new version automatically convert it to some supportive format. and makes it easy to tranfer any format of videos or songs…

    Nokia Lumia doesnt support Transfering of media through blutooth.

    you can download full version of zune from the link given below…

    You can download media Direct from the sites using UC brower.

    Now come to tranfering of data files.
    You cannot copy your document files from your file to laptop.This is the major problem.

  19. sanjay says:

    are phone h ki gandu ,, kuch samaj hi nhi aa raha … sala na to bluetooth connect hota h na hi songs download ho rahe h….. gude me

  20. yash says:

    Can some pls suggest me how can i transfer data from other cellfone to my lumia 710? As bluetooth fails to connect with other device or fones. Thanx in advance.

  21. upendar says:

    Hi,the Bluetooth on my lumia 710 is failing to connect/pair with other devices,plz help

  22. penny saleem kumar says:

    how to download connecting nokia lumia 710 with zune , i never get it & not download any music

  23. penny saleem kumar says:

    hi, Bluetooth on my lumia 710 is falling to pair/connect with other pls help me

  24. rohit says:

    I hve downloaded .mp3 sngs and dey r saved at skydrive..y do dey directly add to our songs..wat to do plzzz helllppp

  25. pemadendup says:

    i canot connect my phone n lumina 70 to my labtop while connect usb cable so how can i transfar mp3 songs

  26. Johnson Robert says:

    Can any one say how to add music to nokia lumia 710 without zune and every time i try adding any music from zune it asks for credit card number. How will i download free music?

  27. sudhir kumar says:

    I have also ask to you then when launch bluetuth conecting or pairing for other device in lumia 710. How will price.

  28. abhishek says:

    my laptop can not show the usb cable why tell me plzzz

  29. Filary jojo says:

    I have sky drive, music downloader in my phone but i can’t download any songs,videos please help me….

  30. anamul says:

    my lumia 800
    how to download mp3

  31. joseph nongkynrih says:

    How to download music from Nokia lumia 800/710 without Zune software and PC but just go to marketplace search free music downloader then from there you’ll get plenty of songs/music and for video just go again to marketplace and search again pro tube you’ll get the videos.so I would like to thanks to Nokia lumia for this type of software to get HD and HQ music/videos and I loved it…

  32. M.G.Sayel says:

    There is no guide about nokia lumia 900 can we download mp3 to this the fucking Lumia 900 is this ur product or not? I want know plz help me how can we download mp3 nd video to nokia lumia 900 ????? I will not buy again this the fucking product

  33. mathew says:

    my Bluetooth is not connecting to other phones what should I do pls

  34. gaurav says:

    How to play music in lumia own player

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  36. leanne says:

    I tried tubidy and can’t download music to my phone . How can I get free music to my Nokia lumia

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